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Sniper Solutions International Limited is a UK based company delivering specialist sniper training, products and consultancy to the UK MoD and numerous Specialist Military and Law Enforcement Groups from across the International Sniping Community.

Our expertise has been gained from over 40 years’ service with both the British Army and within the UK Defence Industry, including experience learnt from involvement in all recent combat operations.

about us

Sniper Solutions was founded in 2006 initially to provide specialist sniper training and to help increase the snipers close precision fire effectiveness by improving their live firing ability.

Today we work closely with the Sniping Community in research and development and in particular in barrier penetration, barrier penetrating munitions and Counter Terrorist (CT) Sniping. The company can now also offer a range of specialist sniping tools for the task such as the battle proven Sniper Hider ®

In Service and Battle proven Sniper Hider Range offering advance signature management against both traditional and retro reflection, near infrared (NIR) and longer wavelength threats.

“Working closely with and supporting friendly sniper groups worldwide has always been in the forefront of our activities and services.”


Sniper training courses available

  • Sharpshooter
  • Basic Sniper
  • Police Sniper
  • Advanced Sniper
  • Counter Terrorist Sniper
  • Hard Target Interdiction
  • Barrier Penetration

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Consultancy Services

  • Military
  • Police
  • Legitimate Government Agencies
  • Defence Industry Companies
  • Firearms Industry
  • TV, Film and Gaming Industry

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We offer a selection of developed-in the-field sniper products which enhance even the most experienced snipers. Designed an manufactured in the UK, our products are endorsed and approved by the MoD. Click through to find out more and purchase.

Sniper Hider Range

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The Military/Law Enforcement Sniper Hider is a screw on lens extension tube that acts as both a weather proof lens cover and anti-reflection device. It is designed to hide the shooter in all conditions and give greater concealment when the objective lens is exposed to the target.

Sniper Wind Finder

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The Sniper Wind Finder is a lightweight and effective device that offers control of the near wind during target engagement. The Wind Finder provides constant windage information to the shooter in both direction (value) and strength (speed) thereby increasing the hit probability over the traditional pointing and observation methods.

MTP Lightweight Sniper Ghillie

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The new Multi Terrain Pattern (MTP) Lightweight Sniper Ghillie Suit Set. The constructed Shroud weighs 1.2kg using a 5 Coloured Camouflage String which is Rot Proof, Odourless, Thermally Effective and given a Fire Retardant String. These are now in service with some UK Military Sniper Groups.

Sniper Pocket Book

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SSI Patch

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Velcro backed patch.

Smoking Third Eye T-shirts

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Smoking third eye - international sniper community t-shirt. Ex-military founded company.

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Sniper Solutions International Ltd
20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU

Email: frankyfletchssi@gmail.com